facility London Auto Parts and Scrap Cars, London

Authorised Treatment Facility

London Auto Parts is proud to be a recognised ATF. UK and European directives mean that between 74% and 80% of a vehicle should be reused or recycled. Unlike smaller operators and traditional scrap yards, London Auto Parts has state-of-the-art depollution and vehicle handling systems and equipment, and is recognised by the Department of the Enviroment and is on the Public Register of Authorised Treatment Facilities.


Operating Standards Our modern professional operation is subject to all relevant directives including


Scrap Car Collection

Scrappage Scheme Collection

Scrap metal

40 Years At The Heart Of London

Authorised Treatment Facility

Recycling and The Enviroment

End of Life Vehicle Management

Find A Part

Enviromental Policy

ELV Directives

Health & Safety

Hazardous Substances

Dangerous Substances

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Scrap Car Collection
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